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What’s the biggest challenge facing customers making a website?

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Making a website?
Are you very clear about your customers and whom you serve?

*This tip will save you a lot of time and headaches when communicating with your website design team.

Here is why having a clear understanding of your client demographic (avatar) is important when building your website.


(edited slightly for continuity)

The biggest challenge for customers or clients when building a website…I’m going to have to say, all day, every day, hands down, the words. It’s the content that goes into the website. 

Customers have the hardest time generating content, so they want to spend a lot of effort. How does it look? How does it feel? They don’t spend, in my opinion, quite enough time on the words. So before we jump down this journey, I have to take it back to a couple of videos so you know, one of the biggest things, before you start marketing your business, is to know who you’re talking to. That is going to be your avatar aka your demographics. 

How old are they? 

What do they look like? 

What part of the city do they live in? 

Do they have children?


That type of information is going to be very important when you’re putting together your marketing strategy. Most people don’t realize it. But even like simple things like the age, for instance. A person’s age is going to affect, from my perspective, the font selection. Certain generations gravitate towards certain fonts. 


Also, this will affect the font size selected. 


I’m dealing with the younger generation, for the most part, their eyesight is going to be near 2020. It’s almost perfect, and they’re used to looking at small letters frequently. I’ll use a 14 or 16 point font. 


If I’m dealing with an older generation, I’m going to most certainly want to be using an 18 to 20 point san serif font. The font is going to be bigger, so it’s easier to read.


As I get older, I found myself squinting more and more words, like what does this say?. That information is super important, so before you even jump into the design journey about the website, you have to be very clear about your customer. 


When communicating with your customers, another challenge is how to approach them in that written format. I typically tell our customers is that book a conversation with somebody so you can talk about the business that is going to give you the words for your website. So literally schedule one on one with somebody. Ask them for their permission to record it and have them ask questions about your business. What do you do? Who do you service? What are your hours? Business owners tend to take this information for granted because they know this stuff by heart already.


Let someone else ask these questions.  This alternate source puts you in a position to answer those questions such that they would understand. To carry this process one step further.


You know how they say it’s so so easy that first grader, second grader, or third grader can understand it. If you have children or if you have children around you, have them ask you what you do, and if they can’t understand then maybe break it down a little bit further. 


By doing this the idea is a little bit easier to ingest into understand. 


Once you have all of that stuff done, transcribe it, write it down or listen to it, and then pull out the pieces that you want. 


tip: If you didn’t already know this, it’s a lot easier to subtract or take away from content than it is to add to it. This will make your life so much easier and make your developers’ life so much easier. 


Also worth mentioning, even if you end up hiring someone to write the words for your website, they still need a basis to go off of because even though you may be in a very popular (business) space and several other people are doing something similar. You still will run into the challenge of…. “well, I do this a little bit differently than the other companies.” You will want to make sure that the (differently) stuff is captured in terms of your design and terms of your offering. 


In closing, make sure that you’re communicating this newly found information to your design team. 



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