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What Does Your Business Do?

What Do You Do? (for your clients or employer)
Seriously, what service do you really provide?

Often, when building a new website, I ask this very same question. You’d be surprised how many business owners do not really know what value they provide to their clients.

Do they answer the question, YES and proceed to tell me why their business is so great.

Is is the right answer?

Sorry to say but mostly it’s a big fat NO…. and here’s why.

Years ago when I started in information technology as a systems engineer. I thought my role was to install computer software and servers. Was that what I did… yes but mostly NO…

What I really did was to provide a stable working environment and employee work risk mitigation.

I’ve often been conservative with my IT project management approach because I eventually began to understand the value of what I actually provided. .. At times, above and beyond some of my former managers that just wanted to “get it done”

Essentially, I was there to make sure the other employees could continue to work through, NO MATTER WHAT situations.. Through …. transit strikes … NYC power outages … Employee sickness… When I say no matter what … it was just that.

I recall being sent from DC to NYC during a power outage to bring some equipment online.

Another time I recall biking into the office 15 or so miles from the Bronx to mid-Manhattan during a transit strike.

If you still don’t understand what I’m saying… If the servers are down…

  1. How many employees aren’t working?
  2. How many active projects will come to a screeching halt?
  3. How much money will be paid to employees who can’t work?
  4. How much money will be paid out to office space and “amenities” that aren’t unused?
  5. How many contracts will be breached, causing additional loss of company revenue?
  6. How many new deals will fall through?

ONE hour of outage will cost some companies MILLIONS in revenue or valuation.

There are plenty of web agencies out there, however, our web clients choose us based on the fact that I guide our company actions based on what is valuable to our clients and THEIR businesses.

So for todays talk about it Tuesday. I ask …


What is it that you do?

Who do you service?

How do you help?



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