The 5 members every great business management team needs

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Here is a list of the five people that every business owner needs on his or her team. After reading this article you’ll be able to identify the top 5 members on your business management team. If you’re starting a new business, write down everything you think might be useful. Then check them off when […]

Be Prepared To Handle Bad Business Partner Services

Lamarr Edward Ferguson Ever get screwed by a service provider so badly that it affected your clients? Learn from my problem Summary: 1. Have partners you can trust 2. Have a backup and a backup of the backup 3. UNDERSTAND your clients clients lifetime value 4. Be prepared to hire a new partner on the spot in […]

What Does Your Business Do?

What Do You Do? (for your clients or employer)
Seriously, what service do you really provide?

Thank You Veterans

Being a soldier is more than just a uniform and taking orders.
It’s being brave for your family and friends.
It’s your family and friend being brave for you.

Winterize Your Business Website For Sales

Lamarr Edward Ferguson

?As a business owner, have you actually considered that you need to update your website for the winter?
?Now is a great time to connect and engage with existing customers and to gain some new ones.