CASE STUDY - Marketing Project Management

How Enterprise Chemical Company Used FlameGrower Marketing Project Management To Create Content For Its Product Campaign

Frontier Lab is a global company thats primary focus is the research, development and manufacture of analytical equipment. 

Introducing the campaign subject:

The Challenge

  •  Take a highly complex technology analytical product and highlight the benefits its use in a condensed visual format. 

The outcome

  • FlameGrower aided Frontier Lab with the Creation of Series of 5-minute Info-graphic “Descriptive Videos” that eloquently explain the use and function of  the EGA PY-3030d utilizing friendly imagery and descriptively friendly narration. 
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Strategy, Goals and Results

FlameGrower Created an action plan to clearly define the project objectives.  FlameGrower then executed on the designed activities to create the desired marketing products. 

  • Work with Frontier Lab to identify their project objectives
  • Researched and provide viable paths to achieve objectives
  • Design path to success
  • Selection and management of marketing and design resources required to complete this activity
    • Graphic Design Technical Team
    • Voice Actors

As a result Frontier has acquired a series of video that effectively capture the function, form and most importantly value of their product in analytical market.

I worked with FlameGrower for creating educational scientific videos for our products. The scientific video creations are very challenging, but FlameGrower managed the project very smoothly by effectively communicating with his design team to produce very high-quality educational videos.
The videos illustrate the science behind our technology and at the same time, they catch attention and make analytical instrumentation very fun.

Rojin Belganeh

Technical Director, Frontier Lab Americas


short Term Goals:

Long term goals:

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The Final Results

FlameGrower marketing has successfully delivered a complement of videos Frontier Lab’s sales and marketing teams  can leverage to convert and retain more customers. 


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Video 1: "Method Map"

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Video 2: "Vertical Micro Furnace Technology"

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Video 3: "Double-Shot & Heart-Cutting"