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Business Eligibility

Not all businesses are eligible for presenting in TheWebpageSite.com Directory. We’re mostly focused on traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and local service providers, but we also feature mobile businesses, government services, parks and attractions, and anything else that fits the local scene.

We typically remove ineligible business pages from our search results once we are made aware of them. Note, however, that ineligible pages may still be accessible directly via their URL, or from a user’s content (like photos, reviews) that reference that business.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Ineligible businesses

We try not to list e-commerce businesses, businesses that primarily serve commercial customers, direct-seller businesses, lead-generation businesses, and other businesses that we believe aren’t a good fit for the platform, but there are some gray areas where we need to make a tough call about whether a business belongs or not. Please let us know if you think you see an ineligible business page on the directory.

Opening Soon

We typically do not show businesses in search results that are not scheduled to open for more than one month.

Businesses without physical locations

There are service-based businesses that are mobile and do not have a fixed location. For example, many local home service providers such as plumbers, electricians, and roof cleaners show up at a customer’s residence to do work – while customers rarely visit their offices. These businesses should have a service area (which is limited to a 50-mile radius or 100-mile diameter between the two furthest points), rather than using multiple business pages in different geographic areas. Although some of these businesses may work out of their home, we avoid adding a home address to a business page unless specifically requested by the business owner.

Multiple pages for businesses

In general, a business should have a single page per location. However, there are some other scenarios where multiple pages may be warranted:

  • Discrete service offerings: Businesses offering a variety of services in which users will have distinctly different experiences may require separate pages. One example is an appliance store/repair business – a user can have a 5-star experience buying their gadget but may have a 3-star experience getting their appliance fixed. These separate service departments also typically have different operating hours and phone numbers as well, therefore it makes sense to keep them separate.
  • Businesses within another location: Businesses located inside another location should have separate pages. For example, a restaurant located in a hotel should maintain a separate page. Certain departments within larger businesses, such as a pharmacy within a department store, may also warrant separate pages, particularly if hours or contact information are different. Not every situation is the same, so submit a report if you notice a page seems to be duplicated or a new one needs to be created.

Closed Businesses

We try to mark businesses as “closed” if we have information indicating that the business has closed, moved, or substantially changed to inform consumers about such substantial changes.


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