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The 5 members every great business management team needs

Here is a list of the five people that every business owner needs on his or her team. After reading this article you’ll be able to identify the top 5 members on your business management team. If you’re starting a new business, write down everything you think might be useful. Then check them off when they come up again later. You may not need most of these things now but by checking them off you’ll know which ones you want to focus on first.

Business Mentor

Business management team meeting in a lounge area, seen through stair rail
Business meeting in a lounge area, seen through stair rail

When starting, someone who has been there before might be able to help you out. They might be able to help connect you to people who could potentially be useful for your business. Their job is not just to tell you what to do but to help you figure out what to do.

For example, if you were starting up an online store, maybe someone could help you set up WordPress so you can start selling products right away. Or, if you wanted to open a physical location, perhaps someone would be willing to give you advice on where to go for financing, etc. With this knowledge and experience under your belt, you’ll be able to create an amazing base for yourself as you grow your business.

Mentors play an important part in any business. And, It doesn’t matter who gives you advice; whether it’s someone you know or somebody who charges for their time, so long as the advice is sound.

Business Coach

Conference Training Planning Learning Coaching Business Concept
Conference Training Planning Learning Coaching Business Concept

Your business coach is going to help you stay focused and motivated. Whenever you feel like giving up, imagine someone who is rooting for you shouting at you from across the field, telling you that you can achieve anything if you just believe in yourself. They’ll help you check off the things that you need to complete before moving forward.

With a good business coach, you may be able to get another perspective. A coach will help you understand what it takes to succeed in your chosen industry and encourage you to take advantage of opportunities as they come up.

Business Lawyer

Businesswoman in hijab working on laptop at desk in a modern office
Businesswoman lawyer in hijab working on laptop at desk in a modern office

In addition to ensuring that you are setting up the appropriate business structures, your lawyer is going to protect your business interests, operations, and liability. Your legal protections are not something you should handle in a DIY manner. 

Business agreements, customer agreements, employee agreements, having a good lawyer will ensure that you have the appropriate documents in place.

Legal agreements may seem like a hassle in the beginning but their true value will become very clear when you need them. 

Business Accountant

Accountants with papers
Accountants with papers

Accountants do more than just balance the books. They ensure government and corporate financial responsibility and compliance. A seemingly simple financial error may cost a business a significant amount of money unnecessarily. 

Lastly, an accountant also will be able to audit your business health from a financial perspective and identify areas of growth and improvement. 

Project Manager

Confident young African businesswoman
Confident young African businesswoman project manager

A project manager is also known as a pm is going to manage your business from an operational perspective. A pm is more like a full-time in-house general manager. They make sure scheduled or planned tasks happen when they need to happen. They ensure that your business activities are on time and budget. 

A second hat though that a project manager wears which many people aren’t familiar with is a process manager.

For example, if you’re looking at your business as a whole and want to map out your customer journey, a project manager can easily assist in documenting and making recommendations for that process.


In my experience running a business, I have discovered it is best to run with and excel at what you are good with and to bring on appropriate team members in the areas listed above. Having a strong business management team is really important. In the beginning, while starting up, you may have to wear all of the hats listed. However, as time progresses and you’ll be able hire the appropriate people. 

What business professional roles are in your top five?

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